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Why Wilmington Pharmaceuticals?

We are focused on ROI.

A unique networking environment helps Wilmington Pharmaceuticals achieve rapid commercialization and FDA approval. Our proven 505(b)(2) expertise leads to low-risk, rapid approvals of valuable NDA products. This helps our marketing license partners achieve a reliably high return on investment while delivering important medical advantages to physicians and patients.

We have multiple product opportunities using Catalent’s Zydis® technology.

Wilmington Pharmaceuticals develops patient-friendly, fast-dissolving formulations for established medicines. We’ve created a tightly defined development program to match pain management, CNS and cardiovascular products with fast-dissolve technologies. We have a number of products in development that exclusively use Catalent’s Zydis® technology and a fast-dissolve development portfolio of other opportunities.

We know the pharmaceutical industry.

Wilmington Pharmaceuticals is fluent in pharmaceutical product development and approval. We focus a lot of energy on building and maintaining long-term alliances. Through years of combined experience, we provide an ideal partnership to bring your product to market, while expertly navigating the ever-changing pharmaceutical landscape.

We’re a value-based partner.

Wilmington Pharmaceuticals is an ideal collaborative partner who can help augment your product pipeline. Our strength lies in providing a reliable resource for rapid development and lucrative commercialization opportunities for our alliance partners.

We build collaborative alliances.

Strategic in-licensing partnerships play a key role in transforming today’s pharmaceutical landscape. Some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry rely heavily on long-term portfolio stabilization through in-licensing products. Whether it’s advancing product pipelines or expanding new and emerging markets, building alliances with partners who can deliver greater commercial opportunities is essential to the future of pharmaceuticals.

We are proven performers.

We’re very proud of the success we’re achieving with our licensing partners in a variety of therapeutic areas. Review the diversity of opportunities by downloading our development portfolio (PDF).

Zydis® is a registered trademark of Catalent Pharma Solutions.

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“It’s not unusual for our partners to see initial licensing costs recovered
in the first six months of commercialization—that’s a high return on investment.”Thomas J. Aluise, Chief Financial Officer

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Speed“A fast-dissolve dosage form provides a great pharmaceutical combination of low risk and high reward.”Eugene T. Haley, Chief Executive Officer