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Discover the benefits of fast-dissolve delivery technology

Fast-dissolve technology provides many medicines with a patient-preferred formulation. This unique administration form offers dosing convenience and ease of administration for patients. Fast-dissolve delivery means medicines dissolve on the tongue in seconds and can be swallowed without water. Patients can now take their medication wherever they go without the need to swallow liquids.

Patients prefer fast-dissolve formulation1

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75% of patients expressed a preference
for the fast-dissolve formulation compared with
a conventional tablet.1

Fast-dissolve technology is ideal for a wide range of patients and medications. The benefits of fast-dissolve technology augment a company's therapeutic pipeline with new, highly marketable products.

Wilmington Pharmaceuticals' portfolio of fast-dissolve products is available for licensing.

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Zydis®: a fast-dissolve technology

Zydis® is a unique, freeze-dried oral solid dosage form owned by Catalent Pharma Solutions. Wilmington Pharmaceuticals has licensed Zydis® technology exclusively for use in four products. Zydis® is the fastest dissolving oral dosage form. Go to Catalent Pharma Solutions' web site to discover the features and benefits of their Zydis® fast-dissolve formulation.

Reference: 1. Schwartz JI, Yeh KC, Berger ML, et al. Novel oral medication delivery system for famotidine. J Clin Pharmacol. 1995;35:362-367.

Zydis® is a registered trademark of Catalent Pharma Solutions.

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Speed“Our fast-dissolve development programs typically qualify for the FDA’s expedited 505(b)(2) regulatory approval process. Using this regulatory pathway can deliver an approved NDA in less than 36 months and save millions of dollars.”Eugene T. Haley, Chief Executive Officer